Everyday Idols

  I leave you this hole in the ground, the Sunday garbage - Sacrifices laid inside buzzing boxes. Time. Wanton children. They will blame us for heaven. Not all ideas are equal. As it happens God is completely able to be mocked. He will eat your children either way and lick the fat from his... Continue Reading →

Family Seeds

In 1982, June Cleaver decides to stay in her pajamas. She slides the lunch money under the door and watches soaps all day, because fuck you she’s paid her dues. That year Ward is taking his secretary to dinner and the movies, drinking too much at the family table, laughing too long at the children’s... Continue Reading →


My mother in law says it is also in the other breast. Our delusions of in situ hiccups, an embarrassing inconvenience before vacation, dashed. She wonders about my marriage, the kids, her voice bloated with memory, her own buried ache. My husband is angry at work. This is mine to hold. I can feel her... Continue Reading →

American Dream

Driving an old car and the petals don’t work. Dad is close by looking on, doubtful, wary of the men that surround. Everyone is watching to see how I will back up, retreat the only option. There is garbage piled ahead of me. Beyond that gaggles of men shaking their heads. Through my window, Mother... Continue Reading →

Summer Regret

Daddy loved me like an afternoon TV commercial, like ice cream licked from the bottom of a bowl when no one’s looking, his tongue searching cold and sweet.   At the beach there’s a picture of me on a rock. I am looking to the side, shielding my eyes from something too bright while daddy... Continue Reading →

Magnifying Glass

Let us conjure moonlight dreams, while you pick your memories up out of the blue velvet, wet lips on wood sticks and blow. Pretend I am your blue moon goddess, white dress, all curves, sleek sex siren~ dripping smooth honey melody. My microphone makes love to your saxophone as you purr and grind symphonic beats.... Continue Reading →

Peripheral Vision

I realized, a broken windshield too late, the poignancy of my situation. As I picked   the broken glass out of my hair, I paused to consider, how moments before impact   I was staring at the water droplets collected on my side window, wondering if I could   balance one on top of a... Continue Reading →

Root Gathering

Fallen twigs from last season Pile beside the fire pit Leaves crumble under my   Winter boots I spy the old chair I won at an antique mall Among the quiet rubble   It whispers accusations As if I have caused this disrepair The thickening of arteries   In its wooden legs Splayed beyond reassembly... Continue Reading →


Set me adrift. Watch the crackled paint of my fledgling gunwale lurch from side to side, bobbing like a nervous buoy, my hull blinking its uneasy S.O.S toward a shrinking sun.

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