Two Step

I can hear the other shoe

About to drop, as I am

Recursively walking up and down the stairs –

Dust askance –

Forgetting what I came for

Folding paired socks, putting away the

Same dry towels

Remembering I

Love you,

Is it too late?

I am picking out the empty hangers

Counting trips, remembering

Colors, walking up and down the hall

Forgetting, with each door frame

Why I am here.

More matching, every thought

Is two by two, a spiral

Would it have always

Been this way?

I am just waiting, though I do not know it yet

These are the right words

I am putting everything in order

Glasses in the cupboard, picture frames

And Neurons in the garage

The right amount of intoxication, sweetness,

Pain – to bring me to the place

My X on the stage, preordained

Needing a cigarette, a rebellious hand on the

Stair rail, a wink to the camera

You will always be outside my window

My hair just so

Before I fall

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