Defying Entropy, Nursing Brimstone

I am piling pieces to burn, cutting nail-pocked

hemlock into chunks, metal teeth sawing


someone else’s name from wood. I am demolishing

this house part by part, a meticulous death. Rebuilding


resurrecting; fresh sheets of fir and whitened trim infusing

two new souls. We sit atop a cliff watching green river


pass – blood through veins of earth – staring at a hungry fire

trapped by circular moss-covered standing stones. I heave


branches to this center pit, ceaselessly falling limbs, fingers

clutching rock as I drag them. I am a god erecting towers on


muddy ash, staying sentences with birch-pine smoke.

I am a goddess, wet with power, arranging broken soldiers


like kindling – grains of dirt under my fingernails – flaked

elm-skins swirling my head like gray, drifting souls.

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