What little remains…

My mother introduced me to her grave, by the creek, in a little town by a quiet road, the place where I will sit under the tree when she is gone…

She showed me how to laugh there,

by her mother and father’s standing stones.

This spot is mine, she said,

my mother bought it for me years ago.

What will I say to her there?

What will I wish I had said to her before she is in the ground?

You did your best.

I loved you, in spite of everything.

Because of everything.

You didn’t need to be perfect.

“The Blessing” is not just for our children.

It is for our parents too.

Love is hard.

Unconditional love is harder.

It requires a seeing outside our own pain…our own story, our own longing, into someone else’s.

But it is all there is. All that lasts.

All that is worth living and dying for.

All that remains.

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