Enough with going through the motions.

Pile sticks on top of sticks with the morning paper.

Light the kindling for my fragile ego.

I need to unfurl, burn the skirts and boats.


I held my safety tight in a pillowed cabin

with my cushioned heart’s wide berth.

I was a ghost traveling Titan’s seas

without paying proper passage,

my trunk full

of empty promising doubt.

I was furnishing my state room

with mirrored cardboard cut out fiends,

wandering the decks, hoping for nothing

but starry skies to gaze at from a slippery, swabbed deck.

I was captain and first mate

drawing my own muted portrait,

my jewels buried under oceans in safe blue casings,

an illuminated sea creature’s raiment.


Sing me to sleep now Erato,

on my own fated ship.

To hell with the dressing table,

the all you can eat buffet-

I’ll be doing the singing and dancing.

Off with the livery.  Full sail ahead.

I’ll ride naked in the halls of Helios.

It’s all hands on the bloody deck tonight.


© 2014 Kristina Moulaison


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