Magnifying Glass

Let us conjure moonlight dreams,
while you pick your memories up
out of the blue velvet,
wet lips on wood sticks
and blow.
Pretend I am your blue moon goddess,
white dress, all curves,
sleek sex siren~
dripping smooth

honey melody.

My microphone makes love
to your saxophone as
you purr and grind symphonic beats.
Eyes trickle down the small of my back,
where sequins kiss brown dimples.
Hips lightly sway
to sweet groans of
deep ~ dark ~ notes.
Belt me a song. Blow it hard

and long.
Every curve ~ lush, vibrates
this haunt black melody.
Something I can swing with~ into the dark
with panting breathless tongues
wagging me out the door, as I
choke down your beat
like sweet poison.
Smoke wisps curl
while in the candle glow
you suck down amber on the rocks.
Try to drink it in.
Pretend it isn’t just

another regret.

daddy twirled his fingers slow,
made his glass sing.

I was mesmerized.

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