Under the Charleston Sun

My fruit is anything but strange It is a default, ‘flesh-colored’ meat, with primly folded hands It sprouts a pale flower on a nightshade vine Against a transgressive slate of unworthy stars   My fruit is a white star wafting from a grey-scaled root My peel carries a translucent insult Under the yellow-budded melon of... Continue Reading →

Peripheral Vision

I realized, a broken windshield too late, the poignancy of my situation: as I picked the broken glass out of my hair, I paused to consider, how moments before impact I was staring at the water droplets collected on my side window, wondering if I could really balance one on top of a pin; just... Continue Reading →

Let It Play

My son’s record player skips years off my life, drowning port holes in my summer mouth He lays Playboys, like Spring, on top of the dresser I fold over them like laundry, my toys earmarked in the bedside drawer, my own mother’s jewelry still locked inside her poodle skirt, spinning 45’s with her brother on... Continue Reading →

Use What We Have, Says Didion

I have my mother’s fur coat, its shield against the cold fire of eyes, a sable stare in regret   I have the jolt of my daughter’s screams as I force her into a hot pink top, her slick searching fingers questioning the covers   I have walking in - my son’s pants around his... Continue Reading →

Defying Entropy, Nursing Brimstone

I am piling pieces to burn, cutting nail-pocked hemlock into chunks, metal teeth sawing   someone else’s name from wood. I am demolishing this house part by part, a meticulous death. Rebuilding   resurrecting; fresh sheets of fir and whitened trim infusing two new souls. We sit atop a cliff watching green river   pass... Continue Reading →

Every Other Day

This chipped paint, the missing trim The faint, black fingerprints left in the ceiling Where you hung the wrong light This is my song The mother that did not love me right Seeing too much of her own mother reflected in my eyes Fathers that had already Given up the fight, too spent To match... Continue Reading →

Two Step

I can hear the other shoe About to drop, as I am Recursively walking up and down the stairs - Dust askance - Forgetting what I came for Folding paired socks, putting away the Same dry towels Remembering I Love you, Is it too late? I am picking out the empty hangers Counting trips, remembering... Continue Reading →


Enough with going through the motions. Pile sticks on top of sticks with the morning paper. Light the kindling for my fragile ego. I need to unfurl, burn the skirts and boats.   I held my safety tight in a pillowed cabin with my cushioned heart's wide berth. I was a ghost traveling Titan's seas... Continue Reading →

What little remains…

My mother introduced me to her grave, by the creek, in a little town by a quiet road, the place where I will sit under the tree when she is gone… She showed me how to laugh there, by her mother and father's standing stones. This spot is mine, she said, my mother bought it... Continue Reading →

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